Potatoes – a short film I made

Potatoes – a short film I made

A few years ago now I started a project which came from a true story.

The subject domestic violence but this time here a man is abused by his female partner.

Its a difficult subject, and when you watch the film its important to note that some viewers may find some scenes disturbing.

I was lucky enough during my career to meet some amazing people who agreed to join me on the journey of creating the short film below, and I cant thank them enough.

Lousie Osbourne, we met on a shoot, and in in the evening during dinner we discussed the idea. She was more than happy to help out, and later Sean, Louise and I met and he then joined the team.

I decided to shoot this myself as I had a clear view of what I wanted and after many rehearsals we were ready to shoot, I chose my own home as the location and filmed in chronological order.

I think this helped create the right mood and feel for the film.

Sound was handled by the very skilled Paul Withers, and to help on lights my good friend Adam Cliff. I wanted a natural look and used natural light enhanced with the odd LED panel.

We had no script as during rehearsal we improvised from my direction, I created a shot list but no storyboard..

I think it worked and I was nominated for 2 awards at the Birmingham Film festival in 2019.

Please view with an open mind, and if you have been affected by the subject here is a link

that may help you.